Friday, October 16, 2015

Term 4 goals

Writing,WALT:Use interesting words and phrases in our writing.Vocabulary.

Reading,WALT:Make use of prior knowledge.

Maths,WALT:Recall the division facts for 6s

Friday, September 25, 2015

How To Make Mountain Dew Gummies

How To Make Mountain Dew Gummies

To learn how to make Mountain Dew Gummies

   You will need:

-Mountain Dew
- 20 grams of Gelatine
-1\2 a cup of water

1.Pour water and gelatine into the pot and stir.Let sit for 10 minutes.

2.After 10 minutes put on medium heat and stir till liquid

3.Pour Mountain Dew into some glasses add the gelatine mix in as well then mix pour more gelatine in then mix again.

4.Put in fridge for 90 minutes until set.

WARNING:Don't put to much gelatine mix in the glass or it will fizz over.

If you want you can use different flavours.

Technology Challenge

Friday, August 28, 2015

Rata And The God Of The Forest

One dark night I, the Totara tree, was standing peacefully until Rata came out of his whare and tried to climb up my trunk.  I cried and made it slippery so he fell to the ground. Luckily he stood up and went back to his whare.
The next day he came out of his whare and cut me down with his sharp axe. It was probably hard so he went away but as he walked my father, the god of the forest, stood me back up. Rata turned around and was very surprised, then cut me down again.
He hid behind a rock and saw the god of the forest [my dad]. Rata said he was very sorry and apologized. After that he was allowed to cut me down.
He then carved me into a waka and sailed away to greater land.